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Find that special someone at the speed of love

¿Qué son las citas rapidas?


Speed Dating

If speed dating is not your thing, do not worry, We offer other types of events to meet singles in a fun, safe and discreet way raising your chances to find your Soulmate in Perú. 

We ask for credentials to participate.

Foreigners are welcomed!

Hope to see you soon!

Citas Rápidas gives you the opportunity to meet in person new people who are looking for a serious lasting relationship in a fun, safe and discreet manner.


It is the a popular method used in cities around the world to increase your circle of friends with effectiveness.

Each event offers a maximum of 15 dates of  8-10 minutes with singles of the opposite sex.  If both a man and a woman have a match the contact information is shared so they can continue dating. 


The process also known as Speed Dating offers many benefits when compared with other methods to meet singles.  One of the main benefit is that Speed Dating offers enough time to form a first impression, without the risk of having a long date with an unwanted person. 

The speed dating events are classified by age groups to increase the possibility of matching people. 


The following list shows the age groups used in or events (they can vary.  We allow up to 2 years outside of the range)

Age group 1: Women 25-35  Men 30-40 años (monthly) 10-15 mini-dates.  (8-10 mins each date)

Age group 2: Women 29-39  Men 35-45 años (monthly) 10-15 mini-dates. (8-10 mins each date)

Age group 3: Women 35-45 Men 40-50 años (ocasional)  7-10 mini-dates. (8-10 mins each date)

Age group 4: Women 39-49 Men 45-55 años (ocasional) 5-10 mini-dates. (10-15 mins each date)

Age group 5: Women 45-55 Men 50-59 años (ocasional)

5-7 mini-dates  (10-15 mins each date)

Age group 6: Women 49-59 Men 55-65 años (ocasional)

5-7 mini-dates  (10-15 mins each date)

Age group 7: Women 55-65  Men 60-70 años (ocasional)

3-5 mini-dates (10-15 mins each date)