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Citas Rápidas


-Aplicación sujeta a aprobación o rechazo. 

-DNI o carnet de extranjeria.

-Foto del rostro 

-Constancia de ocupación/cargo

-Entrevista telefónica o en persona

-Breve descripción personal

-Descripción del perfil que buscas

Costo a consultar.

This is a customized service for those who prefer dates with people with a specific profile to find a person for a serious relationship.


Less number of dates but each date has about one hour of duration in comparison to speed dating. (slow dating).

The place for the date is more flexible and near the daters. If you choose this option, we will find the persons that match a specific profile.  Interested in this service must fill a form with more detailed information about themselves and specific information about the desired profile.


We automatically do not accept clients who look for people of more than 10 years outside their age group.   We reserve the right to accept or deny any application.  We do not accept discrimination.




-ID or passport


-Proof of studies


-Brief personal description

-Brief description of desired profile

Price will be quoted after the application if accepted

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