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  1. Free registration if you want to be notified by email or whatsapp.  You must add our contact information as your contact to assure you will get our invitations, promos and chances to get free dates!!!  Not doing so there is a great chance you will miss important information or these benefits.

  2. Upload pics of your ID.  

  3. After registration you will start receiving emails for upcoming events from or whatsapp 999 910 792 

  4. If you are interest in participating in a particular event, contact us requesting a pre-reservation

  5. Pay before your pre-reservation expires (normally before 24 hours) and send proof of payment to o al whatsapp  999 910 792

  6. You will receive a confirmation via email with details.​

  7. Be on time for the event

  8. Fill your score card correctly and send it at the end of the event.

  9. In 48 horas you will receive the results with the your matches and their contact information.

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