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See some of the VENUES where we conduct our events...

Pitahaya Bar


Oceanus Lounge

Hotel Los Delfines

Murano Restaurante

Hotel Sol de Oro

It is a bar with a creative colorful decor inspired in a mix of the andean colors and the colonial times.  


The menu fuses european methods and peruvian seasonings promising to awaken your 5 senses offering high level of drinks and a variety of delicious food able to satisfy any palate.


It is highly recommended to surprise someone special or to enjoy good times with friends.


Pitahaya Bar is a place to come back!

The perfect place to relax and enjoy a variety of cocktails with the unsurpassed quality that a 5 star hotel offers.  Pure excellence!


Skilled bartenders are dedicated to prepare the perfect drink, to enjoy your stay in the only bar with a view underwater, a unique point in Lima.

Free covered parking

Elegant and comfortable and five star quality in the heart of Miraflores.

Offers full menu with high level international and local cuisine and cocktail bar.

Free covered parking

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